• Paper Handbag

    Paper Handbag

    Item: paper handbag
    Material :art paper/craft paper/cardboard paper
    Surface treatment: Glossy/Matte
    Color: silver, gold, black,espresso
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  • Paper Barcode for Identification

    Paper Barcode for Identification

    Item: barcode
    Material:art paper/craft paper/pvc
    Surface treatment: Glossy/Matte
    Color: Aluminum, silver, gold, brushed
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  • Self Adhesive Label

    Self Adhesive Label

    Item: self adhesive label
    Material :art paper/craft paper/pvc/pp/pet/pe/crepe paper/offset paper
    Surface treatment: Glossy/Matte/emboss/de-emboss/milling gloss/dome finish
    Color: Aluminum, silver, gold, brushed, satin, foam glue, 3M glue
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  • Paper Hanging Tag

    Paper Hanging Tag

    Item: hanging tag
    Material :craft paper,paper board,art paper
    Production process: gold foil,silver foil,black foil,embossing,debossing,UV
    Packing: as per customer requirement.v
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  • Gift Box

    Gift Box

    Item: Gift boxMaterial :art paper/craft paper/cardboard paper Surface treatment: Glossy/MatteRead More
  • Black Paper Box

    Black Paper Box

    Item: paper boxMaterial :art paper/craft paper/cardboard paperSurface treatment: Glossy/Matte Color: silver, gold, black,espresso.Read More
  • Yellow Craft Paper Envelope

    Yellow Craft Paper Envelope

    Item: yellow craft paper envelope
    Material: craft paper
    Weight: 28 grams
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  • Orginal Craft Paper Envelope

    Orginal Craft Paper Envelope

    Item: craft paper envelope
    Material:raw craft paper
    Specification: 25*22+4cm
    Weight: 21 grams
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  • White Craft Paper Envelope

    White Craft Paper Envelope

    Item: white craft paper envelope
    Material: white craft paper
    Specification: 31*26cm+4cm
    Weight: 28 grams
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  • Hand Wrapping Film

    Hand Wrapping Film

    Item: manual wrapping film
    Specification: width 50CM,thickness:0.012mm
    Net weight :3Kg
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  • Machine Wrapping Film

    Machine Wrapping Film

    Item: machine wrapping film
    Material: LLDPE
    Specification: width 50CM,thickness:0.025mm
    Net weight: 25Kg
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  • White and Red Warning Tape

    White and Red Warning Tape

    Item: PE warning tape
    Material: PE
    Specification: width 50 mm,thickness:3um
    Standard strip: white/red
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