Large Packing Belt

Large Packing Belt

Item: plastic packing belt
Material: PP
Specification: length 78.5,width 31.5mm
Weight: 4.8 gram

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Item: plastic packing belt

Material: PP

Specification: length 78.5, width 31.5mm

Weight: 4.8 gram

Packing: Neutral packing or according to customer requirement.

Function: widely used in packaging packing connection.

Hot tag: packing hanger, packing belt.

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Product features

1.It is very convenient to use, and easy to carry and transport;

2.Durable that it is made of PP with a long service life;

3.Has a good packaging effect which helps you carry objects easily and save energy;

4.The price is very reasonable,high performance cost ratio;

5.Customized services can make you more satisfied with the product;

6.Light weight and small size;

7.It plays an important role in packaging packing process,which speeds up the packaging process to save time and energy;

8.Made of PP, it is recyclable. and eco-friendly;

9.Also, it can be used over and over again;

9.Cute and attractive appearance that  makes the customers  pay attention to it and be curiosity about its function.

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