Plastic Nozzle and Jars

Item: plastic Nozzle
Material: PP
Specification: width 4.5cm ,length 8cm
Packing: Neutral packing or according to customer requirement.

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Item: Plastic nozzle

Material: PP

Specification: Width: 4.5cm, length: 8cm

Packing: Neutral packing or according to customer requirement.

Function: The nozzle is used to feedin the liquid from the bottle and spray out to make sure the liquid are sprayed in controllable amount.

Customized: We are able to design and make the bottle and nozzle together for cosmetic, beauty and health industry according to customer's requirement on sizes and surface finish of the bottle and jars.

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Product features

1.It is very convenient to use, because it only needs a little bit of force to press, and the extrusion effect is good, which can ensure that the things contained in the bottle can be smoothly squeezed out;

2.There are small accessories for locking and squeezing, so that you can prevent the things in the bottle from leaking out when you are traveling;

3.The product is made of anti-aging and environmentally friendly materials;

4.This product supports customized services;

5.The surface is polished very smoothly, so the hand feels good;

6.Hardness and density are very good;

7.It is very practical and has a wide range of uses;

8.It  is used for clean washing (detergents, mosquito-killing agent, disinfectant, etc.), bio-medicine, cosmetics packaging, chemicals.

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