White PET Packing Belt

Item: White PP packing belt
Material: PP
Specification: width 12mm,thickness:0.6mm,length:1000m
Net weight: 10Kg

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Item: White PP packing belt

Material: PP

Color: White

Width: 12mm

Thickness: 0.6mm

Length: 1000m

Net weight: 10Kg

Packing: Individual packing about each product

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Product features

1.The winding effect is good, therefore, the product wrapped with this packaging belt is not easy to fall off from the package, and can be packaged very firmly;

2.The toughness and stretchability of this product;

3.The quality of this product is very good, so it will not crack easily during use;

4.A wide range of applications;

5.There is no sharp edge, so it can be guaranteed that it will not cause harm to the operator when packing.

6.Beautiful and attractive appearance,environmentally friendly;

7.It is widely used in the package of steel, aluminum, paper, wood, tobacco, building materials,

chemical fiber, metal products, and many other sectors;

8.Made of PP material, it is durable that it will maintain the strength for a long time and don't loose;

9.The product not only has the tensile strength of the steel belt, but also has the flexibility of the PP belt;

10.Good rusty and chemical resistance.

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