Green PET Packing Belt

Item: Green packing belt
Material: PP
Specification: width 12mm,thickness:0.6mm,length:1000m
Net weight: 10Kg

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Item: Green packing belt

Material: PP

Specification: Width: 12mm, thickness:0.6mm, length:1000m

Net weight: 10Kg

Customized: Different color/width/length are available

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Product features

1. This green packaging belt is strong and has good toughness;

2. It is very solid when used to package things;

3. It is not easy to break because its durability is very good; 

4. With the features of moisture proof, anti-rust, water proof, corrosion-resistant and pollution-free, it is made of good PE material;

5.It can keep  retaining strength and not loosen in long-time;

6.It is the new eco-friendly packing material  instead of steel belt, steel wire,widely used in the packing of various industries such as aluminum ingot, glass, ceramic, ply wood, construction material like stone, marble and brick, paper, cotton baling, fiber baling, clothes bailing, steel plate, steel pipe etc;

7.It has no sharp edge as steel packing belt, which wouldn't damage the packaged goods and hurt the operators in the process of packing and unpacking;

8.It is very light and can be carried easily,easily operated and highly improves the working efficiency.

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