White Craft Paper Envelope

Item: white craft paper envelope
Material: white craft paper
Specification: 31*26cm+4cm
Weight: 28 grams

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Product nameWhite Craft Paper Envelope
MaterialWhite craft paper
Weight28 grams
Packing250pcs per carton

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Product features

1.The color of the envelope is white, a very simple color;

2.The envelope of the envelope has a self-adhesive strip with good adhesion, which is very convenient to use and is not easy to fall off;

3.The inside of the envelope is a scientific and reasonable bubble film design. The bubble film allows the contents of the envelope to be effectively protected because it has a cushioning effect;

4.Can load a lot of things;

5.Made of high quality craft paper;

6.Excellent for shipping small items like jewelry, cosmetics and small vintage items;

7.High privacy and professional appearance;

8.Eases in packaging, secure seal and tamper-evident;

9.Composite film bubble for customization, beautiful and generous, the outer easy to write, label;

10. Sealing the use of environmentally friendly destruction of double-sided adhesive, easy to paste and damage;

11.It provides an added layer of protection while shipping  for its water resistance.

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