What Are The Types Of Joints For The Packaging Tape?
- Dec 14, 2018 -

1. Ligation

Use a hemp rope or the like as a tying material and make a slip at the strap joint. This type of joint is not only strong and beautiful, but also easy to unravel.

2, hot melt lap joint

The heating method of electrothermal welding, mechanical high-frequency oscillation welding and ultrasonic welding is used to heat the surface of the packing belt, and the melting surfaces of the two belt ends of the packing belt are overlapped, and a certain pressure is applied thereto to fix the two ends, and the like is melted. After the surface is cooled, it can be bonded.

3, metal buckle type

In this method, the one-way work of the tensioner ratchet is first used to tension the strap, and then a metal buckle is placed at the strap joint, and then the clamp is used to wrap the iron buckle around the two-layer strap, and the clamp is used to force Press down and let the iron buckle bite the strap and secure the strap. The iron buckle is usually made of galvanized iron, and the iron buckle of the appropriate specification should be selected according to the strap type.

The above are the common types of joints for strapping. Each method has its advantages and can be selected according to its own needs.