What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of The Transparent Packaging Tape?
- Dec 12, 2018 -

Transparent strapping is a common type of strapping tape, just like PET plastic strip. In addition to the common features of strapping, it also has its own unique properties, we can from the following aspects.

1. Raw materials: The raw materials for the production of transparent packing belts are all made of new materials and precious additives, which do not contain impurities and have stable performance. Advanced production equipment and processes make the product wide and narrow, the thickness of the belt, and the skewness of the product are in an ideal range.

2, low cost: According to statistics, under the modern production technology, the new transparent packaging belt loss is only 1%, effectively reducing the cost of strapping.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Considering the quality and product function, the transparent packaging belt is better than many ordinary automatic packaging belts, and the transparent packaging belt is a packing belt, which will not cause waste. The price/performance ratio is also very high.

4. Advantages: The bonding effect is good, the stretching force is strong, and the error of width and thickness is extremely small.

The transparent strapping is a brand new quality strap type that we can choose according to our needs.