What Are The Advantages Of Using Environmentally Friendly Packaging Belt ?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

When we buy the packaging tape, of course, we choose high-quality products. What advantages can the use of environmentally-friendly packaging belts bring?

First of all, the color of the environmental protection strap is generally brighter, which can increase the aesthetics of the package, and it is not easy to deform and the weight is lighter. Secondly, the environmental protection strap has strong tensile strength and strong packaging performance. Once again, the use of eco-friendly strapping is less wearer for the baler, and the failure rate is smaller, which can extend the life of the baler, thus effectively increasing the speed of packaging, and it can be used in a wide range of models, such as Both fully automatic and semi-automatic balers are available.

The product types, specifications, colors, etc. of the strapping manufacturers are constantly changing, and in the process of production, there are many factors that affect its quality.

For example, the production materials and processing techniques of the strap will directly affect the quality of the strapping product. The high-quality transparent packaging belt introduced by the improved production process is made of high-quality new raw materials. Each production process is strictly controlled, and the physical properties of all aspects are relatively stable. It is precisely because of the improvement of production materials and processes. The transparent packing belt has the advantages of soft texture, smooth section, strong tensile strength, easy adhesion, light weight, long rice length, bright color, and reduced packaging cost.