The Development Trend Of Product Packaging
- Jul 11, 2018 -

(1) formulate and implement a variety of standards for mechanical packaging, such as the size of the exterior, the quality of the packaging material, the strength of the packing box, and the testing method.

(2) improving packaging materials, such as the promotion and application of high strength corrugated boxes; developing composite materials suitable for soft packaging and new high-performance plastic films.

(3) to strengthen the packaging design of mechanical products, according to the different characteristics of the product, such as weight, rigidity, precision, vibration resistance, moisture resistance and so on, to determine the packaging materials, forms and methods.

(4) adopting new technology, such as vacuum packaging for small tools and precision parts, improving packaging quality and reducing heat loss by using heat pipe in packaging heat seal; using laser and optical fiber technology to identify packaging products and testing packaging quality; use electronic computer to carry out sequence control to improve the mechanization of packaging operation Degree of chemistry.