The Bubble Film In The Package Has Many Uses
- Jan 15, 2019 -

There is usually a bubble film inside the package to protect the goods.

For this bubble film, most people either throw it away or smash a decompression and discard it... In fact, it has many uses in life!

1) Easy to mop

Do you think that your arm needs a lot of power when you mopping the floor? At this time, you can wrap the bubble film on the hand held mop, fix it with tape, and then use the mop.

Do you think it is not so hard? In fact, because the bubble film increases the friction, the arm is more labor-saving!

2) Making a simple insulated bag

Want to bring rice to work, want to go to a picnic, but afraid that food is not insulated? This makes a simple insulation bag with the bubble film at home! Put the bubble film under the shopping bag and leave some extra bubble film around to make it easy to wrap the food. Very simple operation, heat insulation is convenient ~

3) Prevent rolling and scratching of melons

When you pull the drawer of the refrigerator, the fruits and vegetables inside will roll and roll, which may cause some scratches and affect the appearance. If you have a requirement for the "face value" of fruits and vegetables, then take out the bubble film. Cut a bubble film that fits the drawer of the refrigerator, place it on the bottom of the drawer, and put the fruits and vegetables on it. Fruits and vegetables will never move again!

4) A good helper to organize the toolbox

Is it not good to see the mess in the toolbox every time? Simple, put a layer of bubble film at the bottom, put the tool, and prevent the fruits and vegetables from rolling around, they will not be messy.