Portable Paper Bag Application
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Handmade paper bags are an old handicraft industry. In the printing process, the same is usually done for bookbinding or carton rolling. Most of them know the way of making. However, the production process of the portable paper bag is probably not well known.

Hand-held paper bags are roughly divided into two categories: ordinary bags and generous shopping bags.

Ordinary packaging bags, so the rotary printing bag making machine has been completed in production. Its advantage is that the production is quick to listen to. The disadvantage is that the paper bags are rough and not so generous, so most of these paper bags are used in the usual usual packaging.

Generous shopping bags, so after the color printing of the sheet of paper, after PP polishing or bronzing, the bag making factory will produce it by hand and semi-automatic dull, and finally use the artificial rope to tie the knot to complete the paper bag. Its advantage is that any kind of paper bag can be made in any situation, the disadvantage is that the production rate is slow. Most of these high-end shopping bags are used for sublime merchandise packaging, or as gift bags, or as advertising bags for various commercial activities. These beautiful and elegant paper bags are easy to use.