PET Packing Belt Advantage
- Nov 21, 2018 -

PET packing belt (also known as PET plastic belt) is a widely used plastic environmental protection strap. PET strapping has been produced in China for more than 20 years. PET packing belt is a kind of polyester packing belt which is extruded and uniaxially stretched by PET as the main raw material. PET packing belt is the most popular environmentally friendly packaging material for replacing steel strip, steel wire and heavy PP packing belt. .


 (1) Strong tensile strength, both steel-like tensile strength and impact-resistant ductility, ensuring safe transportation of products.


(2) The elongation is small, and the elongation is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene tape, and the tension can be maintained for a long time.


(3) The temperature resistance is strong, the melting point is 260 degrees, and the use is not deformed below 120 degrees.


(4) The safety is good, and there is no steel belt rusting to pollute the bundled object, and the color is bright.


(5) Good economic benefits, the length of 1 ton PET strapping is equivalent to the length of 6 tons of steel strip of the same specification, and the unit price per meter is 40% lower than that of steel strip, which can reduce the packaging cost.