Let Green Paper Bags Move Our Green Life
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The topic of environmental protection has always been a topic of concern. The term “environmental protection” has been mentioned for many years, but what should be done to implement environmental protection?

From the perspective of the country and the nation, it is estimated that everyone can say 2,580,000, but in the end, environmental protection is around us, use less plastic bags, smoke less, save electricity, save a little water, etc. Wait.

Environmental protection is going to continue, but my life is going to continue. What should I do if I use less plastic bags or no plastic bags?

We should replace it with an environmentally-friendly paper bag. Compared with plastic bags, it is not easy to cause environmental pollution. It can be decomposed in 90 days in the natural environment. At the same time, the tote bag has a good advertising effect, and one is printed with an advertisement. The green paper bag of information is flowing along the street with the crowd. You may not think that if hundreds of green paper bags with the same advertisement information are flowing, I think the advertising effect is self-evident. of.