Is The Smell Of Scotch Tape Toxic?
- Jan 04, 2019 -

In many offices and logistics, scotch tape is used. Tape is often used to wrap the carton. The tape always emits irritating gas during use, especially in summer. Some people say: Is the smell of scotch tape toxic? Toxic, how much toxicity?


Generally, we need to see what tape is used. There is no ROHS mark on the tape package. If it is a special sealing tape, it is normally not poisonous.


Scotch tape is made of adhesive and film. It has the taste of glue or glue additive. It has very little poison, but it generally has no effect on the user. Many tape manufacturers do not need to wear a mask when they are in production. Some people use the tape to break between them when they use the tape. They have never heard of such poisoning. It can be seen that the odor of the scotch tape is very small and almost negligible.