Do You Really Know PET Materials?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

PET plastic strapping has stood out in the strapping industry because of its excellent performance. This strapping is mainly made of PET material. So what kind of material is PET? Today we will get to know this material together.

In recent years, the new use of PET has been continuously explored. The PET extrusion foaming process and its application have gradually attracted attention. In packaging materials and many applications requiring higher temperatures, PET foam has outstanding performance. The foaming method can reduce the quality of the polyester material and save the cost, and the foamed product has better thermal insulation performance than the unfoamed product.

Foamed PET also has excellent heat resistance, and the foamed PET sheet has excellent performance cost ratio, and PET itself has excellent properties such as oil resistance, chemical resistance, and easy recycling, and is in line with food hygiene. Requirements, therefore foaming will have a large market in food packaging, wire insulation, microelectronic circuit board insulation, sports equipment, automotive, aerospace industry and so on.

The use of PET plastic strips is no longer mainly limited to fibers, but is further extended to various types of containers, packaging materials, films, films, engineering plastics, etc. Currently, PET is increasingly replacing aluminum, glass, ceramics, and paper. Households of wood, steel and other synthetic materials, polyester are also expanding.

It can be seen that PET materials are widely used in application. It is not only the production of PET plastic strapping, but also can be applied to many industries and plays an important role.