Development Of Bubble Film To Strive For The Use Of Environmental Protection Cycle
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The bubble film is made of high-quality polyethylene resin and is also a commonly used packaging material for a wide range of applications. Because the middle layer of the bubble film is filled with air, it is light, elastic, and has soundproofing, shockproof and anti-wear properties. This product can replace protective products such as foamed plastic particles, and is the first choice for protective packaging for sellers of electronic products, cosmetics, audio and video CDs. The bubble film is used for waterproofing, moisture proof and pressure resistance. It is the best choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, and fragile items. The bubble film has the functions of shockproof, anti-breakage, cushioning and moisture proof. Widely used in precision electronic equipment, handicrafts, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle accessories, ceramic glass products, fire-fighting equipment and furniture packaging.

Sustainability requires that every decision be taken into account in the future. It is our own relationship with the world around us, and we are committed to protecting the planet while creating economic prosperity and social values. The bubble film leads the sustainable development of the packaging materials market, and strives for environmentally friendly recycling, which brings convenience to our lives.

Because the middle layer of the bubble film is filled with air, it is light, transparent, elastic, soundproof, shockproof and wear resistant. It is widely used in electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, cars, kitchens, furniture and paints. Shock-resistant cushioning packaging for products, glass products and precision instruments. Can be made into bubble bags, bubble kraft envelope bags, car sun block, insulated seat cushions, thermal insulation materials, etc.

The anti-static air cushion film is used for packaging electronic components and components, such as boards and cards, and can prevent static electricity and buffer vibration. Due to the universal application of bubble film, it will soon replace ordinary packaging products. This is why traditional plastics are used to provide a wide range of sustainable solutions for packaging and other applications.