Classification Of PP Packaging Tape
- Dec 11, 2018 -

     (1) According to the surface color of the packing tape: colorless transparent PP packing tape. Translucent PP strapping. Opaque PP strapping. PP straps in various colors.

     (2) Proportion of polypropylene used according to the production packing belt: new pure material PP packing belt, new and old mixed pure material PP packing belt, and returning core PP packing belt.

     (3) According to the packaging tools used: automatic PP packing belt, semi-automatic PP packing belt, PP packing belt for manual packing machine, PP flexible fiber belt for steel buckle, and thin PP packing belt for plastic buckle.

     (4) According to the use, it is divided into: PP ordinary packing belt for binding cardboard boxes, PP smooth belt for binding tobacco, PP chemical fiber belt for bundled chemical fiber package, PP heavy belt for binding heavy objects, and the like.