Buffer Bubble Bag To Reduce Random Shaking In The Courier Box
- Jan 15, 2019 -

In today's efficiency-oriented society, e-commerce, as the choice of most people to shop, naturally follows the theme of efficiency. Therefore, when the amount of express delivery increases, it is natural that the e-commerce package will not be able to find the outer packaging of the appropriate product. Basically, the goods are packed in a uniform size carton, so that the product cannot be filled with one case. This caused the product to collide and collide during transportation, eventually leading to damage.

Of course, to prevent collision between the product and the package, in addition to replacing the appropriate size of the package, you can also use a buffer bubble bag to fill the gap between the product and the package. In this way, the product can be prevented from sloshing in an empty box, so that the product can be better protected from damage.

The buffer bubble bag is filled with a large amount of air in the plastic film, and its presence allows the e-commerce company to fill the gap of the courier box with less material. It not only reduces the cost loss on the cushioning packaging material, but also has the characteristics that the buffering bubble bag can not match, which can better protect the product and avoid damage to the items during violent sorting and express transportation.

Buffer bubble bags, which can be used as needed, reduce the cost of materials, reduce the cost of storage, greatly improve the efficiency of packaging, and make e-commerce companies no longer have a headache for this.